Educate Your Mindset and Quit Your 9-5 Job.

There are many things that people strive for in life. Two of them are happiness and success. Ideally, you’d want to live your life stress-free, without any of the worries that take your focus away from how to get to where you want to be. Having the right mindset is crucial for manifesting the life that you want.

If you want to learn how having the right mindset will assist you in achieving your goals, you should adhere to the following ‘mindset models’.

You can develop your side hustle like me and at some point, you’ll be sure to quit your 9-5 job as the workflow lets you explore your interests freely! 

Getting the right mindset also entails making difficult decisions. One decision that you may need to consider making is to quit the 9-5 job immediately.

Why would you want to consider this? Of course, going to your job may provide you with the necessary income to get the things you need on a daily or monthly basis, but is that what you want your life to be? Simply getting by and surviving?

Would you not rather live a life that is manifested not only by the success of your ideas but also includes enjoying the fruits of your labor?!

Provide Value: Always Be in Motion

Stagnation is bound to cause negative thinking. I’ve experienced it myself. It can cause you to lose track of the end goal. One way to alleviate this issue is to always remain in motion. One way to understand how ‘mindset models’ such as these can help you is to understand this parable.

Isaac Newton articulated what the laws of physics are hundreds of years ago. The law of motion states that people view objects as either remaining at rest or in continuous motion at a constant velocity unless an external force acts upon it.

Being in motion and leveraging any momentum that you have is key to maintaining the right mindset. One thing that you might need to do is change your relationship with your day job and throw yourself fully into finding something that forces you to be creative, as opposed to remaining in a mundane loop.

Revisit Your Vision Daily

Always keeping the end goal in mind is imperative to maintain the right mindset. So often we get distracted by the challenges of daily life as they demand our immediate attention. Many are content remaining where they are but doing this can cause you to lose track of what you are trying to achieve in your limited time here on Earth.

Vision and Mission

One thing you may have to do is quit your 9-5 job in order to embark upon this journey. However, if you are a person that is constantly in motion and revisiting your vision and goals daily, you are already well on your way to success. Sometimes, you may need to remind yourself hourly of what you are trying to achieve.

For example, if you are looking to gain financial independence, you may need to quit your day job and find an outlet that will permit you to develop into that state of being.

If you are starting a business and are not immediately profitable, remind yourself that it is a process and that success almost never happens overnight.

Constantly revisit your vision daily and understand the sacrifices that will be required of you to achieve whatever goals you have in mind for yourself. Revisiting your vision daily is one of many ‘mindset models’ that will help you in your journey.

Educate Yourself Everyday with Podcasts and Reading

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and to keep your mind sharp, you’ll want to take advantage of the information that is around you. Whether these are books, audiobooks, documentaries, or podcasts, these activities can *only* benefit you and your mental mindset.

Besides, these activities have also been proven to be a great way to relieve stress. Sometimes, you may just want to unwind and relax, but why not learn something new at the same time? You only stand to gain knowledge.

Constantly learning is one of the many effective ‘mindset models’ that you can utilize to keep your mindset steady. If you are trying to achieve a certain goal, you can read excerpts and books from people who are already at the place that you are trying to reach.

If you’re not so clear on where you want to go then it’s still healthy to expand your mind with non-fiction. Reading will keep you engaged and more importantly informed. ‘Mindset models’ such as these will put you in the right direction.

Put Yourself in Challenging Situations

Finally, you will feel invigorated by getting out of your comfort zone by putting yourself in challenging situations. Out of all the ‘mindset models’, you can implement, giving yourself a challenge is perhaps the most enriching thing that you can do. 

“Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.”– Lou Holtz

You will not become better at anything if you continue to seek the easy way out. The only way you will better yourself is by challenging yourself. It will increase your confidence in your ability to accomplish a certain task the next time. Challenges overcome to grow your belief in yourself, which is the single most important thing you need in order to become successful.

Maybe one challenge you can start with is quitting your 9-5 job or trade it for two jobs like me. If we find ourselves in a difficult position, we may feel like quitting. We may even be justified in doing so. However, challenging yourself is the first step towards what will certainly be a much greater reward as it will help you develop the right mindset going forward.

These are a few mindset models that you can use at your disposal to help improve your mindset and become more productive. Follow them accordingly, and you will see the results reflected in your daily life. Quit the 9-5 job or having two jobs will help you have the right mindset and start unleashing your true potential.

Enjoy your life journey, be kind to yourself and another. Embrace the challenge of whatever you have. All you need to Focus on is to take some Joyful steps and you will succeed in the end. One thing to remember though is to Never Give Up on Your Dream!…

Water Heart <3

Lifestyle Business Ideas 2020

Work and Play Are Always Possible

Have you ever wanted to just get work done and have fun at the same time? That is the peace we all would love to have. Creating your own lifestyle business will most certainly make this possible!

Do you want to accomplish tasks but also be able to learn that one recipe from your favorite cookbook? Step into the world of affiliate marketing, podcast creation, and passive income and you will change your lifestyle for better, forever. How you’ll start your journey is through the simple art of research and self-discipline on your end. 

While reading this article you will gain the startup business models and key points into being a successful part-time lifestyle business owner and leisure connoisseur that you always wanted to be.

What is the Power in Affiliate Marketing?

Doesn’t a Reward-based system sound heavenly? You produce this yourself with very minimal steps. The purpose of affiliate marketing business models is to bring consumers to your product. 

How you do this is up to you and with a small reinvented wheel. The first step in creating this lifestyle business is beginning with your own blog. Blogging encourages readers to keep up with your products. 

Make sure to choose an industry and at least a profitable one. Finding the right business model is crucial to maintaining sales and an audience. Many large online retailers host vendors who offer affiliate programs to help you get started rather immediately. Finally, once the consumer buys the product (through affiliate links) you receive your commissioned sales.

Which Products Should I Promote?

It’s good to ask yourself this; What will actually sell once I put it out there? What if no one buys?

This is a great start, however, there is more to it. Here’s a quick bullet list of some of the business models to consider before investing in your item sales:

•Who would use this product?
•Target audience group(s)
•The difficulty level of getting your products
•shipping costs
•ROI (return on investment)
•ACR (Affiliate Commission Rate)

Be sure to write a list of products that fit the above criteria as well.

If you can honestly say you’ve nailed these, you are definitely on the right track to making passive income. A lifestyle business is a process, however, if you take it in baby steps, you will be successful in making fruitful business models.

Should I Start A Blog?

Whenever you take to read something, you make sure it’s something you like, right? This is another way to engage and encourage your buyers. This applies to new and old clients. 

Customer loyalty starts with the trust built by the seller themselves. Would you buy from someone you fully trust or partially trust? The answer is obvious. But this is exactly how blogging works. 

With a consistent blog following, it converts into consistent revenue. These are the ideals of business models. Writing a blog is a nice personal way to keep close with your buyers and to be able to get them to truly intake your vision of the product and why they should buy. Consumer reviews are okay, however, a review from the seller is a pretty big deal. One would scour the internet for multiple half-baked reviews and still feel skeptical. 

How to Maintain Your Client Using Passion

I know that when my friend showed me these cool pair of shoes, they couldn’t stop ranting and raving about. That definitely stuck in my memory. Essentially, I’d be more opt abt to buying those shoes than from an advertisement on a storefront window. 

Your audience likes things to feel close and personal. No one will outright admit that, but the statistic of psychology show this. For this style of lifestyle marketing, you are making your clients your friends. 

We are comparing the business models of everyday life just like you and me, as your audience will be more abt to buy your product if you show genuine interest in it. For example, there are hundreds of copycat surface level videos on how to start a youtube channel. However, this is why mass-produced videos do poorly versus quality reviews. Being friendly, happy and personable just sells better in the long run.

Turning Clients From Readers to Listeners

Did you know that 25% of Americans listen to podcasts weekly?. The U.S. population is about 350 million. This means you get to reap the benefits from a base of active podcast listeners. 

As far as the percentage you get to work with, you guessed it; It is roughly 90 million. That’s an entire country’s population in many parts of the world. So, can you imagine knowing exactly who your target audience is and speaking to them every day? This, in its own ways, is a similar lifestyle business technique and business model, but still has it’s own perks as well. 

Now if you get really nitty-gritty with the statistics, we can break down by gender and age groups. This makes it a slam dunk in receiving sales if you already have an audience just waiting to hear about something they are interested in.

What Revenue Can I Accomplish With Active Listeners?

Via these statistics, 41% of reoccurring monthly active listeners and video watchers (household) make an average annual salary of 75,000 yearly. U.S residents; This extended group is still a whopping 29% percent average. 

Out of the 28 percent of audiences, we can see that:

•24 % stream standard radio stations
•15% are using streaming services
•13% listening to a personal music collection

We can also take advantage of the percentage of listeners who multitask. You, me and a large percentage of the population multi-task with some sort of audio in the background. It helps with focus, and if you provide great content that makes users feel confident and uplifted, you’ll have zero problems in keeping your user base. Take advantage of statistics like these, and you will most certainly maximize your potential income-earning in the lifestyle business.

Where Do I Start With Creating a Successful YouTube Channel?

Laptop and Coffee on Desk

Creating content is not just limited to podcasting, but can be appreciated in a nice visual format, for example, you can start a youtube channel. When you start a youtube channel, it’s like a baby: it needs constant attention and inspection. Many can’t say they know how to start a youtube channel, however, it isn’t overly complicated. 

You just need time, patience and some research to know how to start a youtube channel. What you’ll want to do is to start a youtube channel series. This gives the impression of not selling to create sales. 

Users are already bombarded by advertisements before they even watch the video, so you are potentially dealing with an even shorter attention-span group. Keep videos straight to the point, minimal edits, clear lighting, and a strong confident voice. Provide source links in your description to build added trust with your audience. 

You want them to watch the video straight through right? This is a must. Treat your audience like your best friend. Which means, don’t waste your time or theirs using outdated business models. Start a youtube channel that is thought-provoking, engages the users, and leaves them coming back for more.

What to Take From All of This

This is only 3 pieces of advice. However, these are by far the most important to getting set-up. Can you create your lifestyle business with only these tips? Yes, but continue your research using these and more, and you will leave little room for error. That is your goal of having your own airtight business model.